Press Pause for Sales Enablement

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Press Pause for Sales Enablement webinar.

Statistics: Aberdeen Research Report on Sales EnablementWhen considering an enterprise approach to sales enablement, it is imperative to “Press Pause”  so that organizations can take the time they need to ensure they can set up their sales enablement operations for continual success.

BCA created the Press Pause webinar series to help organizations ask the right questions and make the right moves. The first session dealt with personalization. Press Pause for Sales Enablement is the second in our series. It focuses on how to optimize content for sales enablement programs.

Little consensus exists about the definition of sales enablement as it’s still maturing and evolving in function and scope. At Big Content Alliance (BCA), we like the one presented by revenue consultants, TOPO.

Sales enablement is the process of providing the sales organization with the information, content, and tools that help sales people sell more effectively. The foundation of sales enablement is to provide salespeople with what they need to successfully engage the buyer throughout the buying process.—Topo Blog

The Press Pause for Sales Enablement webinar suggests three key points when an organization should press pause:

  • Establishing a Baseline: When organizations are just getting started with sales enablement process and need a roadmap.
  • Building bridges: When more internal collaboration is needed for success
  • Ready to Scale: When an organization wants to enhance its approach with tools and metrics

In each section, we present probing questions that an organization should address in order to determine their readiness to succeed. Key things we’ll discuss include:

  • Identifying the complete buying center and the specific content needs of all
  • Roadblocks to aligning sales enablement efforts with other marketing and content work
  • How to optimize the data captured in platforms for better content strategy

This webinar will provide practical information you can use to tackle the issues your organization faces in adopting an effective sales enablement strategy, whether:

  • You know you are not getting what you need from your sales enablement approach or it is in a nascent stage
  • You are thinking of leveraging customer journeys across multiple channels and touchpoints and want sales efforts to feed into it
  • You have the systems and efforts in place, but you need to take these to the next level

Join us On October 10, 2017.